Thursday, October 7, 2010


The overworld map is in the process of being revised. We realized that the mountains, while a good start just weren't cutting it. Also, I think we need another grass type to give the illusion of a worn road. Icons have to be updated as well but overall I'm pretty pleased with the work my artists have done.

Building a tile set is an insane amount of work and I feel that my level designer is just sitting around with his thumb up his ass waiting for them to be done. I think by next week we'll have all the dungeon sets done and just have to work on the town sets, which are invariably the hardest.

The code is just that...code. It's a lot of code, and it keeps coming. I decided early on that this would not be coded as one project and not hardcoded in any way. I wanted it to be as flexible as possible and more importantly reusable for future projects. Easier to upgrade then to start anew.

I build a custom processor for all the xml files. It was a big headache but thankfully I understand how it works and is fundamentally done. Most of our future files will just be processed through that, and it helps to make the game engine more robust. I think my running count is about 5 projects and 50 classes, and I expect that to triple. Oh well. I'll post some screenshots soon.

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