Saturday, June 18, 2011

Game #4

So I broke my collaboration for one game so my co-founder could work on the RPG. The result is Who is the Best : Competitive Math. It is currently in review and I'm startled by how positive the feedback is. This is arguably the most simple game I have programmed, with maybe "Ninja Stole My Bike" being on about the same level. I have little to no expectations for the game, although now I'm leaning more towards "little expectations" since the feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive. I'm also hoping that putting the #1 player on the cover of a future update will help push the game. Can't wait to see how people do at the Global Challenge. If the game does well, even remotely, I will turn this into a fun little series of games. The game is inspired by the Brain Age classics, and since I am a big sucker for them I wanted to do something similar. I'm trying to get away from gimmicky games for a while, since they really weren't doing that well for us anyways. This time I was just going for old fashioned fun. For all the viewers out there, my estimate is that a score of 21000 will be just about enough for the #1 spot after 30 days.