Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Red Ring of Death (no not the thing that happens when an XBox overheats)

We have another game coming out. It's mostly through the review process and there is a chance that it will drop today. It's called the Red Ring of Death and ultimately is a satire of a Microsoft headache.

Dear Microsoft lawyers. In no way is this game an attempt to slander your name. Since we never have original ideas, we rely on internet memes to create games that have instant name recognition. We feel by using the term Red Ring of Death we will only be helping you guys make more money.

Anyhow, enough of the aside. The game is far more complex than the last one, which looking back, was a bit of a joke. It was created in exactly two months, and in my estimation will need a small patch once it's released, but mostly for my own satisfaction. I think the framerate could be a little bit tighter in some places and there are a few minor bugs I'd like to see gone.

So, what did we do right and what we did wrong.

Well, I don't exactly know yet. That's best reserved for when I see how the game does. That is, if it comes out at all. The Microsoft legality issue with the cover art and the title does concern me. It's not that we're ripping off anything, it's that Microsoft is going to do what they want, and I have no power to stop them. Would be terrible if all this work went down the drain. Let's hope for the best, I did my best not to cross any lines, but still be referential.

On a happier note, you can see some screenshots of the game.